Greasy Burr (Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks Remix)


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    Greasy Burr (Two Weeks Remix)
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It's almost been two years since my last solo album. This track I feel is an in between point for me, a transition of person, an explanation of what's to come, a "where I'm at now" if you wish.


i simply live and get along
not that what i'm doin isn't wrong, cuz it is alot
thickens the plot and skips along
i'm doin better all the time
today is like a beatles song, my easle gone now all i got is rhyme
you can lose everything you own in an instant
gotta go with the mission learn to roll with the shit that
rains down on all of us sometimes
in a city so gray a girl like you feels like sunshine
distance got me blowin kisses to the wind
if we're history i hope it repeats cuz i'll live it again
i'm itchin to be inchin a tidbit closer, no lie i wanna hold ya
fit the description to get to know ya
slippin pistons and exhuasted exhuast
doesn't mean its got to be lost, the engines just worn out
pickin up pieces at the junkyard kickin dumb dogs
out of the way til i'm at your house
covered in oil and bleeding from the shards of metal
i'll come back when you aren't disheveled
walk the block with a gas tank i gotta fill up
spark in the robots eyes i can almost feel love
my wheelbarrows full of fingerpainted concrete
with ridiculous messages like i think your lady wants me
they crucified the content so like mutants i just vomit
my puke into a comet and use it to nuke rush limbaugh, shit
my pens all print no editing needed
just move on to the next cuz it's never completed
i'm as dead as the sea gets when you get deep in it
no matter how bad man, i just keep grinnin
like a homeless man with a sign that refuses your offers
cuz i dont even need to misuse what you got first
get it good then its all worse, sweet-n-sour
years now of writing every week for hours
sometimes it gets dark and a little cold
and i use that spark to spill my soul
but at other times it's all fun, jokes and humor
i diversify my moods cuz i'm no computer
and to be honest most yall livin dileriously
i'm tryin not to take life too seriously
especially this music shit i'm just usin it
i'm meant for this, i didnt choose for it
but nowadays my best friends are my role models
and my old albums are comin back up like known fossils
i've always kept my albums as a limited collection
just remember that each one is a limited reflection
a pinch of my perspective intermixed with conception
to rinse my perception in a twisted direction
cuz even comedies can end in tragedy
so i wanna make proud my friends and family
don't get caught up thinkin you're on top and get ur feelings lost
despite position each one of us is carrying a building block
and it will not stop till the very end
and we can all look up to the same pyramid
like i can't believe we built that.


released May 18, 2010
Written and recorded by ABADAWN for Abababble MUSEick (BMI)
Produced by LEVEL.
Mixed and Engineered by ZEBULON DAK for Momentum Studios (Portland, OR).




ABADAWN Portland, Oregon

Known for his dark and introspective lyrics, as well a high-energy live show, Abadawn has established himself as a modern wordsmith and entertainer. Fresh off of Vans Warped Tour 2012 he is working on a hardcore project with Kill Party, a crew album with Big Bang and new solo material. ... more

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